I’m passionate about brands, brand strategy, innovative products and technologies. I have a decade of agency experience with Pointroll and held supervisory and management roles all the while coordinating people with projects of various sizes. My sightline doesn't end with the campaign/project in front of me. I tend to think outside the box and get the bigger picture. My love for the digital web sphere always kept my ambition moving to where I can make the most of my skills. It didn’t matter if it was in Operations or Technology if I felt I could make a difference I’d shoot for it.
     I've worked my way up from the early stages of a startup company during the online advertising boom of early 2000s to my current standing as a leader in advertising technologies. My background spans from every aspect of the advertising world. I've worked within the areas of creative/ad development, trafficking, strategy, delivery, and even the client/publishers facing side. Of recent I spent a great deal of time solely on the technology end working towards ad creative innovations. My focus was with developing new products, new ad features, and third party integrations.

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Internet Video vs. Broadcast Video

  • Sunday, April 19, 2015 6:52 PM

     There is a huge push in the video industry to move towards Internet offered programmings and a campaign against the broadcast side. While there are currently larger opportunities for video online…

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