Welcome to my playground, portfolio and soapbox. I describe myself as a versatile, highly experienced digital entrepreneur. Five years of public relations behind over a decade of agency/startup ad technology experience with eCommerce mixed in. I’ve worn hats from business operations to development and back again. All the while, I've been pushing what is possible for process, service and technical offerings. My management experience spans from building up existing departments, creating them from scratch and maintaining teams spanning multiple time zones. My focus is always on the entire client experience on either internal or external clients to provide the very best. No matter what the need is, I’m always ready to get out front to deliver. 


While you're here take a look at my articles or portfolio. Here are some seasonal items you can enjoy! 


The Developers Creed

  • Friday, November 20, 2015 7:21 AM
As of today, I've had the same keyboard for 16 years. How many people do you know can commit that one to one piece of hardware for that long? In honor of its longevity I wrote this based on the ri…
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